Damian Meyer is a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard. During his 26 year career he served as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer, Top level boat operator (Surfman), and also the Officer In Charge of a motor lifeboat unit. His many years of law enforcement, tactical, medical, and first responder experience, contributed to his position as a trainer, instructing numerous Law Enforcement Officers and boat operators. His passion for teaching, and firearms, made becoming a firearms instructor a natural progression after retiring from active duty.

Throughout his career, Damian spent countless hours training at the shooting range developing his skills as an expert pistol and rifle marksman. He also spent many hours participating in, and instructing, use of force techniques, including less than lethal and deadly defensive force. He continues to train and learn, frequently seeking more training opportunities, to remain proficient, and provide the best possible training to his students.

Now, after completing his active duty service, Damian wants to use his knowledge and experience to provide safe, professional, and quality training to others.